CourtAudio and its affiliates develop and market the Winner computer-aided transcription (CAT) system for court reporters. This product is used by steno and voice reporters to make and produce a transcript of proceedings (court hearings, depositions, etc.).

Traditional court reporters use an electronic steno writer or mask to create a stenographic or voice recording of proceedings. The recorded media is then processed by the Winner CAT system, at a later time, to produce a transcript.

Realtime reporters, on the other hand, are capable of using the more advanced features of the Winner CAT system to produce the record nearly instantaneously and with unparalleled accuracy. These reporters attach their steno writer or mask directly to Winner to translate shorthand notes into English via its state-of-the-art steno translator or convert spoken words into English text via an integrated voice recognition engine.

It is important to note that the voice recognition engines used in realtime transcription requires user enrollment and personal training. Conversely,

In addition to near-instant transcription features, realtime reporters are able to provide a realtime feed to Judges and attorneys to enable them to research, review, or mark the testimony in realtime mode. Judges and attorneys may use the Denoto realtime browser to view the testimony on their screen.

CourtAudio offers the following realtime transcription products for court reporters:

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