Professional transcribers prefer to use a CAT (computer-aided transcription) system because it offers transcription-specific features which enhance their productivity.

ProCAT Winner transcription reflects 36-years of research and development. It has been designed specifically for court reporters and transcriptionists. It offers the most comprehensive set of capabilities for transcribers and document export formats for consumers.

ProCAT Winner is integrated into the CourtAudio offering. You may use it to edit a document that was produced by the voice recognition application. Consider these features and benefits:

Audio/Video integration

  •  The transcript is synchronized with the AudioTrax files
  • Playback the audio/video track while editing a document
  • Automatic audio playback in the background
  • Import video in several popular formats
Data Export Capabilities

  • PDF
  • HTML
  • RTF 

  •  Duplicated Questions or Answers
  • Repeated speaker identifications
  • Medical, legal, and technical spelling dictionaries

  •  Generate index pages automatically
  • Master index page producer
  • Adaptable to local language

  • Use a foot pedal to playback audio
  • Playback audio while editing a document
  • Audio synchronized with text
Form Filler

  •  Fill-in forms (cover pages, appearances, etc.) using database fields
  • Define database fields on-the-fly
  • Unlimited database fields
Flexible transcript formatting

  • Use the Page Layout Wizard to design custom page format
Friendly editing features

  •  A comprehensive set of cursor keys
  • User-programmable keyboard
  •  Search/Replace key with a history list
  • Automatic punctuation keys
  • Single-key text formatting features (initial capping, etc.)
  • Number conversion functions
  • Currency formatting
  • Date formatting
  •  Spelling dictionary
  • Thesaurus
  • Import/export RTF files from/to MS Word