AudioTrax™ is a multi-channel, digital audio recording system. It is very simple to learn and operate. The system controls are intuitive to beginners but offer sophistication for seasoned court recording monitors. It features simultaneous recording to multiple media (e.g., local drive, network driver, Cloud, etc.). You may use AudioTrax as a single user, distributed users with synchronization capabilities, or LAN-based with several hundred users.

AudioTrax offers a host of desirable reporting features including AudioScript — session notes in a columnar report synchronized with the spoken words.

Consider the following features:

  • Standards-based recording formats
  • Two, four, six, or eight channels of recorded audio
  • Channel isolation and volume controls
  • Instant “read-back” while recording
  • Digital audio recording to the Amazon GovCloud, LAN, WAN, and/or local drive
  • Simple reproduction process and audio distribution
  • Integrated with AudioScript™
  • Extensive reporting options
  • Intuitive user controls for ease of use
  • Session notes (log notes, annotations, etc.) synchronized with the audio
  • Simple, single-key operation
  • Automatic time-stamping
  • Automatic synchronization with a network drive
  • Remote control from any device(iPad, Android, PC, etc.)
  • Scheduled events (i.e., start recording, stop recording, etc.)
  • Domain integration
  • Integration with case management systems
  • Back-end SQL database, and more…