Court technology providers offer various methods of making an electronic recording. At CourtAudio, we offer a fresh and unique end-to-end process that enables the Court to address their transcription needs ranging from capturing the record to archiving it for safe keeping.

Our products and services enable the Court to use AudioTrax, digital audio recording, to capture the record and produce digital testimony or deliver an AudioScript to the consumer.  Alternatively, the Court may use the Winner Suite to produce a realtime transcript via traditional methods.  Winner 2019 Transcription Suite will enable the Court to hire the services of stenographic reporters, on as needed basis, to meet the ADA requirements or provide remote realtime transcription services.

While no two Courts may have the same needs and approach to addressing their transcription needs, CourtAudio has the products to create a custom court recording solution.  The following are an overview of the products that are available from CourtAudio to address your needs:

  • AudioTrax — A multi-channel digital audio recording system.
  • Winner 2019 Realtime Transcription Suite — Time-tested transcription software use in courts in US and abroad.

  • Litigation Support — Realtime testimony delivery via local connection or over the web to address the needs of the litigators, Judges, and the public.