The most important component of the CourtAudio solution is the offerings that “make the record usable.”

Many products and service offerings that transcribe a document, treat it as the end of the process. CourtAudio transcribes and uses the transcript as a tool to offer the litigants methods to examine the transcript quickly and efficiently.

Clearly, cost of litigation is directly proportional to time spent navigating voluminous transcripts. CourtAudio offers tools to curb costs through efficiencies created by these products:

  • eScript delivers transcripts combined with its concordance list in HTML format. eScript files may be viewed on a PC, PDA, Linux, or a MAC system.
  • AudioScript introduces the audio portion of the record to eScript thus allowing the consumer to listen to the spoken word.
  • vScript adds digital video to an eScript file to create a compelling presentation to an interested party.
  • Condensed Transcript prints four transcript pages on one page.
  • Concordance lists the principal words used in a transcript.