eScript™ is another innovative software from ProCAT. Traditionally, court reporters prepare and deliver a soft copy of a transcript in ASCII format. ASCII files, unless used with high-end litigation support tools, are rather difficult to work with.

A common use of an ASCII file is to import it into a word processor (i.e. Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, etc.) and use the basic search capabilities of the word processor to find a phrase.

e Script eliminates the need to own, learn, and use a word processor for viewing a transcript; and it enhances the search capabilities. eScript transcripts are formatted in HTML (the language of the web). There is no need to purchase or install a software on your computer. Simply double-click on an eScript file and watch a transcript open up in a built-in Windows browser.

A sample eScript file is available here for your viewing. For additional information on eScript , please contact a ProCAT representative or contact us via e-mail.