AudioScript™ is a variation of our eScript. AudioScript, as the name suggests, is a document that includes the spoken word (the “audio”) and the written word.

AudioScript is a litigation support product that enables the judiciary to review a transcript and when needed to listen to the spoken word. Listening to the witness’ voice may reveal certain subtleties in their voices. There are three parts to an AudioScript file:

  1. Concordance List — This section of the AudioScript lists all the words in the transcript in alphabetical order and the number of occurrences for each word. Each word in the concordance list is hyperlinked to the page and line number where the word appears in the document.

  2. Transcript — This window will display the transcript. The user may use the concordance list to find a word, and then use the line/page hyperlink to see the text.

  3. Audio Playback Control — The play allows the user to control the audio play back.

It is very easy to create an AudioScript file and to prepare a distribution CD. Your clients, the judiciary, will find AudioScript very easy to use. They will not need to use any special software or hardware to use an AudioScript CD. All the necessary software is on the distribution software.