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Our story…

CourtAudio™ and its affiliates design, develop, manufacture, and distribute innovative products that enable their clients to make, produce, and preserve the record. Our products have been the benchmark of the industry for over thirty-two years.

CourtAudio focuses its energies on delivering Automated Transcription Systems that offer seamless integration of digital audio recording, with realtime transcription products to deliver a rich record with minimum effort and expense, and in a timely manner.


Digital Court Recording

The digital audio recording solution from CourtAudio is not all about producing audio files, it is designed to be an integrated part of the Court’s overall case management and transcription systems.


Transcription Suites

ProCAT, an affiliate of CourtAudio, has been designing and developing computer-aided transcription (CAT) systems for over three decades.  Our CAT systems offer realtime voice-to-text and stenographic transcription.


Stenographic Writers

i m p r e s s i o n is ProCAT’s fourth generation electronic stenographic machine.  We have been designing and manufacturing writers for over a quarter of century.  Our writers have been the benchmark of the industry.


Realtime Browsers

Realtime browsers offer the Judges, litigators, and public the opportunity to review live testimony on their PC or iPad.  Our browsers offer the end-users the ability to insert notes, issues codes, and produce summary reports.


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We have been designing and developing products for the justice sector for 32+ years.
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